Badee Al Oud - Oud For Glory - Lattafa - 100ml
Badee Al Oud - Oud For Glory - Lattafa - 100ml
Badee Al Oud - Oud For Glory - Lattafa - 100ml

Badee Al Oud - Oud For Glory - Lattafa - 100ml

Badee Al Oud - Oud For Glory - Lattafa - 100ml

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Experience the epitome of luxury with Lattafa's newest masterpiece, Badee Al Oud, also renowned as Oud for Glory. This exquisite oud perfume is a celebration of prestige and sophistication, distinguished by its powerful and memorable signature scent. Crafted for those who seek more than just a fragrance, it envelops you in a rich tapestry of scents, designed to leave a lasting impression.

This majestic perfume boasts an extraordinary blend of notes, each meticulously chosen to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Its heart is dominated by the deep, resonant aroma of Oud, a rare and precious ingredient revered in the world of perfumery. Complementing this are the earthy tones of Woody Notes and the subtle yet profound warmth of Labdanum. Amber adds a touch of opulence, while Patchouli lends an earthy depth, enhancing the overall richness of the fragrance.

The journey of this scent is further deepened with the inclusion of Smoke Notes, adding a mysterious allure that captivates the senses. To complete this luxurious olfactory experience, a hint of Caramel is woven through the fragrance, offering a sweet, indulgent finish that lingers beautifully on the skin.

Badee Al Oud is not just a fragrance; it's an extension of your persona. With its excellent projection and remarkable longevity, it ensures your presence is felt long after you've left the room. Ideal for both special occasions and everyday elegance, this perfume is a true testament to the art of fine perfumery.

Notes: Woody Notes, Oud, Labdanum, Amber, Patchouli, Smoke Notes, Caramel

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